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About Us

Stacie Wilds

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Stacie is a recognized certified tax professional and strategist with more than 10 years of experience.  Stacie completed several income tax preparation courses as well as read lots of books on taxes to solidify her expertise.

Stacie began this company 5 years ago after she working for H&R block for 5-years. She started out working from home doing family and friends tax returns. Now, Stacie handles tax returns for thousands of clients nationwide.

Stacie works year-round guiding and assisting clients with the most optimal tax savings possible. She provides both client-facing and virtual services to ensure client satisfaction.

Tax Max & More

We offer a wide variety of tax services, including business and individual tax preparation, tax planning, and tax resolutions.

What our customers are saying

Stacie did a good job with my taxes this year. This was my first time filing small business taxes and I didn't know what to expect. She made sure I understood my options and did her best to reduce my penalties. I probably would not have filed had she not helped.

Client Gallery

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